August Institute

August Institute

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3-2-1 Activity

3 things that I learned from my experience as a presenter:
     1.  That this conference was a great place to network.
     2.  That teachers really want to know how to integrate technology into their classrooms.
     3. That I want to present again next year at this conference. 

2 things that I would do differently as a future presenter
     1.  Wear comfortable shoes.
     2.  Maybe have a hard copy handout for students.

1 recommendation that I would make to the conference plannning committee to improve sessions, website or other elements of the conference.
     1.  Make the 3 hour session - hands on workshops and change it so the sessions are more like an hour each.
    ( 2.  Try to create next year's  conference like you did this year; include national speakers.  It was awesome to have this in Missoula!)

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