August Institute

August Institute

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extending the Conference Experience

 into the Virtual World
(Required for those taking University Credit)


1.  Applying what you have learned
     a.  Identifying individual "take aways",  how they will apply what they have learned (50 points)
     b.  Forum participation in the Moodle discussing (100 points)
          "best practices", empowering instructional strategies & potential barriers to success
2.  Extending the learning - Podcast Reflection (50 points)
3.  For Graduate Students:  Identification of barriers to successful technology integration and 21st century learning in their content areas.  Project posted as a blog post to the conference blog:  Titled: OVERCOMING THE BARRIERS TO TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION (50 points)

TOTAL POINTS:  250 points (grad) 200 (undergrad)

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