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August Institute

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Talk with Media

Talk with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing

Wes Fryer

Sharing is a moral imperative for educators. Dean Shareski made this point clearly in his 2010 pre-confe rence keynote for the K-12 Online Conference. In this session, we explored ways educators a re using digital platforms to share ideas, network, collaborate, and communicate more with students, parents, and peers.We learned that if you can send an email attachment, you can share rich media as well as text and hyperlinks with Posterous. Wes stressed that if we don't already have an online classroom learning hub, it's time to create one. We looked at  examples of sites classroom teachers are using now to provide rich windows into the learning of their students. Wes feels that we need more "digitally powered" show and tell.

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