August Institute

August Institute

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project Based Learning in Hand

Tony Vincent 

IDEA 2004 requires school districts to  nsure that textbooks and related core instructional materials are provided to students with print disabilities. This presentation discussed why this requirement is so important to student success, who will be impacted and how to address the requirements as outlined in the law. Assistive technology tools and mainstream technology options (including apps for ipod touch/iPads) were  demonstrated. I left with with practical ideas for how to implement these requirements and  resource materials were provided.

One of the "take away's" I received from this workshop was Tony's app list for the iPad.  As a relatively new user to the iPad I am anxious to learn ways I might be able to integrate its use in the classroom.  I also listened to several of Tony's Podcasts and found them to be very interesting.  I am particularly interested in "Our City Podcast" where students from across the globe submit an episode so others can learn about the places they call home.

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